The name “SandGrown” came from an old name for the people of this region: sandgrown’uns

‘This region’ is the Fylde coast of North-West England in Lancashire. Although I have heard people as far north as Morecambe referred to as sandgrown, I was always led to believe it referred specifically to those from Lytham, St Anne’s, and Blackpool

This blog is about the stories, places, and ordinary people of this area.Our stories are the way we understand our relationships to each other and the landscape we are part of. The story of an area is the story of its people. People who shape the land, and are shaped by it in turn.

I’ve already heard lots of stories about who does or does not qualify as ‘sandgrown’. For further pondering on the subject, see here, but I’m playing fast and loose with the whole thing, and places may well stretch out to other spots if I find them interesting!  

I myself was born over in the rival county of Yorkshire, although raised on the windy Fylde coast, and I definitely have salt in my veins. 
Apart from the sea, I love anything with a history. Since I first stuck my head in a book as a child, imagination, stories and creativity have filled life with magic, bypassing the mundane of the day to day. 

 As well as the sea and old stuff, I’m curious about anything slightly off the beaten track, and I’ll be actively looking for anything, or anyone, out of the ordinary.

Thanks for stopping by, do call again!